Advantages of rapid prototyping


Speedy product launching is an important advantage in competition. Through the use of rapid prototyping during the design process, product quality is checked at an early stage, long before the first tools are made, by means of a "hand sample", and improved with comparatively little expenditure in terms of time and money.

Rapid prototyping is of decisive importance for the later success of a product. Along with the time advantage gained by quick introduction, early product optimisation achieves a discernible reduction in costs.

Processes used in rapid prototyping:

  • STL (stereo lithography):
    Paintable first visual sample
    As original model for vacuum-casting
  • DMLS (direct metal laser sintering):
    Rapid tooling, inserts with max. HRC 42
    Resistant to high temperatures
  • 3D-print:
    Visual sample
    Fast, inexpensive
  • SLS (selective laser sinter process):
    Functional sample in various materials:
    DuraForm PA, Flex, A6
  • HS milling:
    Close-to-series prototypes in original materials
  • Vacuum-casting:
    Pre-production runs of 5 to 20 pieces
    Incorporation of test findings

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